“We have a dedicated Restoration Team that can have you back in your home in no time.”



Once our certified Damage Assessment Team has determined the extent of the damage, they can immediately start developing an action plan, including boarding up the building, debris removal and installing temporary power for you if required.

Once we’ve assessed the damage we can deal with your insurance company directly to ensure the correct scope of work has been determined.

Once this assessment has been completed, we will begin remediation and recovery to restore your building to its pre-existing state, odour free.

Our technicians are certified and many have advanced training to ensure that your property is quickly and efficiently returned to normal.

window restoration


No matter how well serviced your property is, components will eventually need to be replaced. Upgrading your mechanical system including boilers, HVAC, and plumbing, windows & doors, decks, fencing, lighting, and much more, are part of our vast level of experience.

When looking at retrofitting the systems of an existing building there are a number of issues to address. These include the type of equipment to add, the operating conditions of your building, and, of course, your budget. Ultimately, you’ll enjoy improved building comfort and reduced risk of breakdown. You can also look forward to energy savings and lower maintenance costs.

Pinnacle has extensive experience in renewal and retrofitting of buildings, and dealing with all of the unique conditions that come with established structures. Our expertise will help you decide on the most applicable equipment and system for your building.

We work with you to provide long-term solutions including planned maintenance contracts that help you improve your service to ensure resident comfort, and help you meet your sustainability and energy efficiency targets.

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